BITS horror stories part-II : Gandhi 137

By Sauvik Dutta
From BITS Pilani, Rajasthan
Posted Jun 26th 2012 1:00AM

Undoubtedly the most famous story on campus, the reverberations are seen even today. Without further ado, I shall start straightaway:

There was a once a reticent boy who used to occupy room number 137 of Gandhi Bhawan. His friends said he lived in isolation and didn't mix up too much with others. Drowned in his books, he would seldom leave his room. He bombarded everyone with a cold surprise when he started dating a girl. She was a localite. The two were happy together but it is said that when the family members of the girl deciphered this thing going between their girl and the boy, they were furious. They even confronted the boy but he refused to back up proclaiming that these meagre measures weren't enough to stop him. Despite repeated warnings, the boy would not listen.
It was OASIS and the boy had decided to stay in his room. Now Gandhi 137 is the corner most room of the mess facing lower back wing owing to which it boasts of a large window present only in the corner most rooms of the hostel extremities.
It is said that the family members of the girl came on tip-toes near the window and entered right in. The boy was murdered there and to hide the evidence, his body was chopped off. The pieces were poured into a jute sack and kept in the almirah provided in the room. The murderers then departed the way they came in.

When the boy did not come out for days and a peculiar smell started circulating in the wing, his room was broken into and the ferocity of the heinous act was realized. The girl could not be found as she was sent to study to some other place. Even the family members had fled. No one exactly knows what happened then but some strange facts make it believable:

Gandhi Bhawan is the only hostel which comprises of a small temple in the QT(the quadrangular courtyard).

The room was unoccupied until last year. The superintendent of Krishna and Gandhi Bhawan now lives there.

Many have complained of strange noises coming out of that room.
These accounts are sure to make your spinal cord stiff right?
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