Techkriti - Technical and Entrepreneurial Festival of IIT Kanpur

By Chetan Chauhan
From IIT Kanpur, Kanpur
Posted Jun 14th 2012 1:30AM

At IITK a number of events and activities are organized throughout the year to promote technical, cultural as well as artistic talents. Two of the biggest events in these fields being Antaragni , annual inter-collegiate Cultural festival and Techkriti , the annual inter-collegiate Technical and Entrepreneurship festival .

Composed of two words, 'Tech' in English and 'Kriti' in Hindi, it collectively stands for creation or innovation in technology. It has a participation of over 1500 students from different engineering colleges along with media coverage and large participation by the local audience. Being a much awaited event, the organising team ( consisting of faculty as well as students) start preparations well in advance to make the event a grand success. The festival spans four days with a number of presentations, talk shows, workshops as well as competitions with lots of cash as prize !!

This year, Techkriti was organised from 27th to 30th January with the theme: 'Technology for the Future'. Day one started with the opening ceremony by the chief guest, Richard Stallman, the founder of GNU. Various competitions were organized catering to fields such as Robotics, Electronics, Business, Programming, Aero-modelling, Designing and many more. Apart from these competitions, eminent personalities like Deborah Berebichez (The Science Babe), Victor Hayes, Deepak Mohanty and many others took part in talk shows. Workshops related to cloud computing, hacking, stock marketing were also conducted. New technologies, prototypes, various projects completed by the students were displayed at the S&T pavilion.

Techkriti had its quota of fun also, with events such as rock climbing, paintball, card games etc. along with food& drink stalls. Also there were professional entertainment shows including a thrilling Fire-Light show along with the DJ nights !! The event ended with a bang, with a great performance by Kailash Kher on the finale night, which left us all wanting for more.

One doesn't realize how time passes when one is having fun and so happened here ! ! Four days of competing, enjoying and learning ended, leaving behind memories worth a lifetime. True to its name, Techkriti showcased creative and futuristic ideas in the technical field, leaving ample food for thought for everyone. As is with any college fest, the wait for the next begins before the current one ends.........and so happened here !!
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