Unleash the MATRIX

By Chintan Zalani
From BITS Pilani, Goa
Posted Apr 19th 2012 5:15AM
So, if you thought I am writing something about of the epic movie then you are mistaken. "MATRIX - (Mind And Thought in Radical Information Xchange) is a discussion forum at BITS Pilani Goa Campus where people come together and share their views on various subjects" as per their Facebook page!

MATRIX holds panel discussions, book reviews and even conducts short film festivals. It has recently also published its own magazine – Touchstone, evoking good response!

I caught up with Gaurav Jha who was the coordinator for MATRIX for the previous term. Let's hear from him about MATRIX.

Q. This academic year MATRIX has been one of the most actively working clubs on campus. Tell us something about its different kind of events this semester.

A. This year has been one of the best for MATRIX. With almost 7-8 events in one semester, it has been the most active club in campus. The events have been varied in terms of topics that they covered, from general discussions to book reviews and short film festivals. We organized a writing contest as well. The events came out of the confines of an LT and were held at VGH and LT1 lawns. It was a very rewarding semester.

Q. So, what kind of skills do you look for while inducting new members?

A. MATRIX, unlike others clubs in campus, doesn't look for any specific skills in its members. We are just a society of people who have ideas and would like share them with the world around. Everyone who wants to learn and enrich himself with the knowledge of others is welcome to join us. The 2011 batch has been a very interesting and supportive crowd. The members were all very imaginative and enthusiastic about MATRIX and that made it all the more fun!

Q. How did Touchstone take shape? What was the motivation behind it and how was the response?

A. Touchstone has been very close to all our hearts. It started out as a very small endeavor by a few people but it has now grown into a great magazine that provides a myriad of reading material. There is something for everybody. The response has been improving with every issue and we hope to grow and learn in the process.

Q.The response to the panel discussions MATRIX conducts is a bit dull utmost times. Are you happy with the status quo?

A. Dull would not be the appropriate word, I believe. The attendance may not be very large for the discussions but that hardly affects the quality of the event. A close crowd interacts better. Teachers have always been very supportive and Dr. Ranjan Dey often comes for the events. Hearing Prof. Meenakshi Raman in the last event, the discussion of the book Riot by Shashi Tharoor, was a very pleasant experience. We would definitely want to have better audience but that's never a primary motive for us. If the discussion is meaningful and well-conducted, we consider it a job well-done.

Q. Please, share the social media presence of MATRIX.

A. In order to reach out to more people, we started our blog last year – matrixbpgc.blogspot.in and we have also been active on facebook over the past few months - www.facebook.com/matrix.bpgc

Also, do consider reading Touchstone - http://goo.gl/kJ50e
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