Quizzing at IIT Madras

By Jatin Mandawat
From IIT Madras, Chennai
Posted Mar 18th 2012 9:00AM

Quizzing at IIT Madras has been nothing less than a ritual. Be it late night wiki searches or surfing for random Youtube videos, buzzing quizzers have been living each and every quiz up to the fullest. IITM Open Quiz has already positioned itself amongst one of the most important quizzing feasts for enthusiasts.

27th of Feb evening saw Central Lecture Theatre one of the landmarks of IIT Madras, brimming with skilled and enthusiastic quizzers for one of the most important quizzing event of Tech Soc (The inter hostel technical competition spread over the complete academic year) the 'Tech Soc Main Quiz'. Few teams which made it late to the event ensured that the event follows the 'Institute Standard Time' as they say, with the event flagging off about 30 minutes late.

The number of teams leaking out from the over-stressed benches,who turned up for the preliminary round spoke past an impressive number of 60 where teams of up to 3 members were allowed. The quiz like any other comprised of preliminary and the final round. Whilst questions on Pop culture and gaming were bagged in, the rest popped up from the world of memes, movies, Sci-Fi, IT, science, math, engineering, geek culture, hacker culture keeping the quiz freaks busy throughout.Final round was attributed with bounce questions clubbed with themed rounds on memes and video games, few Short Visual Connects (SVCs) along with some Long Visual Connects (LVCs) for the teams to fight it out to the top.

Few freshers made it a point top to make their mark in the IIT Madras quizzing clan by qualifying and placing in the final round.

With the adrenaline pumping up and few ups and downs the night drove up to a new level of quizzing fanaticism for quizzing veterans in addition to the rookies. The result sheet that saw few new names along with some established 'Gods' as they say in the IIT lingo toppling between the top positions. The night followed was absorbed in wiki-ing all the topics laid bare.
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