Drishtikon - A Noble Perspective

By Chhayankdhar Singh
From St. Stephen's College, New Delhi
Posted Jan 27th 2012 12:30PM

On Monday, 23rd January 2012, the Social Service League of St. Stephen's College organized "Drishtikon 2012" – a fest for visually challenged students of the National Capital Region. Being organized for the fourth year in succession, "Drishtikon" is an initiative of the Social Service League in association with the Blind Relief-care Association, New Delhi.
A state-level competition, Drishtikon received an enthusiastic response and saw participation of 85 visually challenged students from various colleges. The events organized under the fest included various competitions like Just-a-Minute, quiz, creative writing, talent hunt and a one-act play competition. The participants were provided with writers, translators and volunteers wherever required. "Interestingly, the One-Act Play competition was a first-of its kind for Visually Challenged students at an inter-college level", says Krishna Bishnoi, one of the Secretaries of the Social Service League and a scholar of Liberal Arts at St. Stephen's College.

The team from St. Stephen's College secured the first place in the One-Act Play Competition and Hindu College secured the second place. Some of the judges were also visually-challenged individuals and so was the genius quizmaster.
"In my 2nd year, we realized there were many flaws in organizing a big event like Drishtikon and therefore, this year we made sure that it was a 'State Level Competition' for visually challenged students in every aspect. I hope those 85 participants felt the same and enjoyed being a part of Drishtikon'12. I would like to thank all the volunteers who made it possible and also congratulate the coordinators for the event – Anuroop Sunny and Pritika Fernandes as well as all the office bearers of the SSL", says Thangchungnung Mangte, President of the Social Service League.
Upon being asked about her thoughts about Drishtikon 2012, Ms. Richa Raj, the Staff advisor of SSL and a professor of History at St. Stephen's College said, "This morning one of my students told me that it was the best Drishtikon of her 3 years in college. The credit for this success goes to the enthusiastic and dedicated team which organized the event this year." The joy and relief was beaming from her smile.
Drishtikon is indeed a unique initiative by the Social Service League of St. Stephen's College and represents the different view that the Stephanians have towards life-in general because on one hand when colleges all over the country strive to include fashion shows and DJs in their fests, we have a fest that aims at bringing out the co-scholastic talents of visually challenged students and project an unconventional perspective, a different Drishtikon.
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