A typical girls' night out ...

By Simran Makhija
From International School Aamby, Mumbai
Posted Dec 3rd 2011 9:00AM

A girls' night out. Creates a very typical picture in your head, doesn't it? It is considered to be a night where girls go out together and talk about how pathetic their life is and curse the people who make their life pathetic. Actually that is something I would call a stereotypical mind-set. For us, the girls in my hostel, a girls night out is just a walk by the lake, skipping while walking, singing our favourite songs with of course the song playing in the background because otherwise it would sound pathetic, clicking loads of photos, laughing, singing and enjoying the little time we get by ourselves.

Not that we would get to go on our own, but our dorm parents understanding our need to get out of here, got it arranged and there we were, 20 of us, after dinner in pyjamas with our cameras waiting to get out of the hostel. Given that our hostel is in Aamby Valley, getting out of the hostel would mean the wind hitting our faces, our hair flying all over the place, no cars, no people, just us. We walked and we talked, then suddenly we all would stop simply because we felt like clicking a photo. By the time we reached the lake, it was dark with just a few street lights and loads of stars filling the sky.

We sat on the stairs, looking up at the sky, talking in whispers, giving out the secrets we were always so scared to share, talking about the past and laughing and of course going on about how awesome it was to be where we were. Out of all the running around in school and loads of the activities in dorm, we finally got time to leave all that aside and just go for a walk with the girls who have had our back.

In the end, they are who you're going to go back to, your girls and the memories you make with them are the ones that are going to stay with you the longest.
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