K Star Mall at Chembur!

When students enter into degree college after junior college, they are definitely excited at first to attend lectures and see what grad school is all about! But there comes a time, (which is very soon) that students look forward to bunking lectures and hanging out near college! Shah and Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College students know one place to hang out for sure, be it whatever time and day, K Star Mall at Chembur!

K Star mall is located on the main highway at Chembur and due it's prime location, it obviously attracts lot of people. Of the most popular lines students in our college, one of them would definitely be "Let us bunk this lecture and go to K Star!" so what pulls students to K Star? It definitely has to be the amazing food court! All the big names in the food industry are here, including McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Dominos Pizza, Subway, etc! The third floor of the mall is dedicated to the food court and it is very spacious! At almost every instant of the day, one can see a group of students cut cake, make merry and have a gala time with one another! You can also see a lot of the office going crowd drop in to have a quick bite or make business decisions here. K Star mall also has the super famous Big Baazar for every kind of shopping ranging from food to clothes to house hold items and lots more! This section is also crowded with people! There is also a multiplex present here, Big Cinemas which makes it ideal especially for college students when they have a couple of free lectures to watch the latest movie and rush back to college for lab sessions!

K Star is a special part of every student in college and I'm sure everyone will vouch for that!

Contributed by Rupak Hattikudur
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