Feast at 'Bade Miyan'

By Siddharth Dudeja
From KC College, Mumbai
Posted Jun 2nd 2011 8:15AM

Mumbai is incomplete without street food and there's no other place than Bade Miyan where you can enjoy it to the fullest. It's a non vegetarian's paradise. It's pretty good for vegetarian food too but there are thousand other South Indian restaurants where you can enjoy vegetarian food. If you want to enjoy food at Bade's then the right day to go would be a Saturday because if you want to go clubbing, there are a lot of options in Colaba. You enter that lane in the morning or afternoon, its dead except a few people near Bagdadi or Gokul but the minute its 8 o clock, you will see tables set up in the whole lane and people relishing the delicious Baida rotis, kebabs and the rolls.
A few good dishes at Bade Miyan:
1.Chicken Baida Roti
2.Bunna chicken with roti or a roll
3.Chicken leg piece
4.Chicken seekh kebab
5.Bheja masala
6.Mutton boti kebab
7.Veg seekh kebab
8.Chicken leg piece
All these dishes with the delicious green chutney and onions taste great.
Address- Go to Colaba Causeway and there won't be one single person who would not know Bade Miyan.
Timings- 8pm to 3.30am
Cost (per person) - between Rs.200 to Rs.300.

Contributed by Siddharth Dudeja
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